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Tutorial Videos on YouTube
Video Tutorials

There are a number of video tutorials on the RWDecal YouTube Channel to help you get the most out of RWDecal. Here you can find links and full details of what each video shows.

Installing and Configuring RWDecal
  • Setting the RailWorks / Rail Simulator folder, developer and product folders
  • The RWDecal Improvement Program
  • Calibrating Google Earth
How to Create a Decal for RailWorks using RWDecal
  • Brief description of form settings
  • See a decal actually being captured
  • The difference between decals created with licensed and unlicensed versions of RWDecal
  • The difference altitude makes to decal quality
  • Where decals can be found when using RailWorks / Rail Simulator
  • Explanation of the Due North Fix (rotation of a decal)
A Guide to the RWDecal Graphical User Interface
  • A run down of key form and menu options
  • How to use the Grab System
How to use the RWDecal Grab System
  • Detailed explanation of the best way to mark out areas using "Marker Pairs"
  • How to prevent overlap between markers
  • How to mark out more than one area at once
  • How to adjust the Google Earth "Fly To" option to make things easier
Loading Coordinates & Multiple Decal Creation
  • How to quickly load coordinates into the RWDecal form for Marker Pairs that have already been created
  • How to create multiple decals once they have marker pairs configured
The Best Way to Position Decals
  • The quickest way to align decals to markers in RailWorks
  • Explanation of the chunk naming scheme
Creating Decals in Bulk
  • Creating many decals at once
Backing up a route and Cleaning Decals from a Route
  • Backing up a Route
  • Cleaning decals from a route when you are finished
How to Calculate the Due North Fix Rotation
  • What form settings to use
  • Why you this can't be done automatically for routes outside of the UK
  • How to input your results into the spreadsheet to calculate the rotation for you