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The Virtual District Line for RailWorks
The Route

The Virtual District Line for RW is a route being created by the dedicated Virtual District Team. Their aim is to create a product that the Professional Houses can only dream about since it is all done with love for the end product rather than a fiscal need to create a profit.


Below you will find screenshots and other information provided by the routes authors. Enjoy!

The Authors

Jimi Ibett

Jimi is a veteran MSTS route builder who released the famous District Line beta for MSTS in about 2004 I believe. Jimi is a software engineer working for a big corporate house. He has worked on the Underground stocks with Darren and Richard writing a lot of code and performing all the physics calculations. He also built the superb cab for Richard's D78 in MSTS, which will form the basis for Darren's current RW rework. He is the driving force behind the District Team. His knowledge of how real railways run is key to the realistic infrastructure/scanarios that you will encounter on the District. He is a true Engineer in the finest tradition, (loves WD40 and Duct tape).


Can't is a word not in Jimi's vocabulary.


Lives in USA in New Hampshire where he can usually be found digging himself out of a snowdrift!

Richard Scott

Richard is another UKTS stalwart like Jimi and is well known for his superb 3D modelling skills. He has produced ground breaking models of various Underground stocks (his new D78 for RW will be a smash hit once released,) it's a rivet perfect rendition of reality.

Darren Carter

Darren is a 3D cab author who is quite simply the master of his trade. I can safely say that when you see his latest work for the Standard Stock you will literally squeal with delight. Not only is this photo textured in the most exquisite detail but the lighting and shadow implementation is almost unbelievable. This raises the bar for RW cab realism onto another stratosphere.


Darren works for a well known medical company and lives in Swindon, Wiltshire.
Together Richard , Darren and Jimi, produce the best stock you'll ever have the privilege of driving. Nothing is ever left out or glossed over. They have literally put the District Team on the map, with an enviable reputation for top quality packages.

Mark Fox

Mark is a very talented young software programmer who joined the team around the time the Beta District shipped helping Jimi enormously with some unexpected support issues. His computer programming skills and knowledge have contributed to the conversion of the Beta District from using X Tracks to a custom built LUL 4th rail built on UKFS type profiles with new T-Section authorisations. This was done "on the fly" without ripping up track or disturbing it in anyway.All done with the skillful use of the Developer's edition of Dynatrax........... The experts said it was impossible. That is a word that Mark doesn't compute. He just went and did it.


Mark is also a talented Route builder in his own right, producing material for a highly respected commercial developer. Mark lives in Battersea.

Eddie Zetlein

I'm a johnny come lately and joined the team in 2006 to help Jimi extend the route.

I love tracklaying so got the job of PWay chief on the District. I'm a keen Underground fan since a kid and my day job as a professional driver in London, means I have a good idea on how an area in the route should look, particularly the bridges, roads, trees, houses, etc. I live in Surrey with my 2 daughters.

Roger Viggers, aka Piccadilly Pilot

Roger is a retired Piccadilly line Motorman who has been a District Team stalwart for many years. The sheer realism of the MSTS District beta was in no small way down to Roger, whose keen eye for realism kept Jimi on his toes.


His influence has also been much in evidence on the latest work too. His photographs, of locations that ordinary mortals not employed by LUL have no hope of capturing, have helped shape the area between Ealing Broadway and Acton Town to a high level of accuracy. Doubtless this will continue eastwards as well. Roger now lives in Shropshire.


There are other team members too who have helped us enormously.

Steve (Solidbond) DMT on the District (that means Duty Manager Trains) promoted from Instructor Operator after many years service.


TubePrune who runs one of the best Underground websites around.

District Dave another District Instructor Operator with a fabulous website

'Doc' is a Piccadilly Line 73TS Instructor/Operator. He contributed significantly to our team's development of the MSTS 73TS and 73TS Refurb stocks; providing detailed stock information, photos, in-cab sound recordings, and provided feedback on train performance and physics so we could model them realistically.


Colin, a great source of info, T/Op on the District.


And no doubt others too that I'm sorry if I have failed to mention them.

A great team of like minded individuals.
We hope you enjoy our work.

The Virtual District Team 2010.