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31st July 2012

RWDecal is unrestricted and 100% free. Enjoy!

1st February 2012

Google Earth was updated to version 6.2 on 26th January 2012. Unfortuntely this version is NOT compatable with RWDecal.


RWDecal does still work correctly with GoogleEarth 6.1 and earlier. These versions can be downloaded from Google directly but you will need to make sure that automatic updates are disabled on Google Earth to prevent it self updating to the latest version.


Full details and downloads of previous GoogleEarth versions are available on Googles web site.


To use RWDecal you MUST use Google Earth 6.1 or earlier!

What is RWDecal

RWDecal is a tool for RailWorks that allows you to quickly and accurately create decals using data from Google Earth. These decals are essential for the accurate positioning of scenery items and where complex track laying is required.


For those of you new to route building in RailWorks / Rail Simulator a decal is a flat object that sticks to the ground in your route. By using Google Earth images for the decals you can create highly accurate routes easily and quickly.


RWDecal was originally developed due to my frustrations with trying to lay accurate track for Leeds Station (UK). Once I realised it was possible to create decals I started to work on ways of automating the process. Without automation, the task takes 10 to 15 minutes per decal.